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Gender Equality: Tips, Hurdles and Successes – Deep Dive

October 29, 2020 3:37 PM | Anonymous
NCJWA Vic recently hosted a Gender Equality Webinar: Tips, Hurdles and Successes – Deep Dive. The webinar included guest speakers: Lee-anne Chapman (Group Manager, Uniting) and Rabbi Daniel Rabin (Rabbi, South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation & Chaplain, Vic Police).

The purpose of this webinar is to support leaders and change makers from Jewish organisations to succeed in achieving their gender equity aspirations. By providing an inspirational and informative interactive forum for organisations to learn from others’ experiences, lessons, hurdles and successes in gender equality.

Lee-anne discussed the challenges with getting everyone on board with gender equality and the importance of organisation's champions. She will explore unconscious bias; how it results in outcomes that do not represent gender equality; and will share examples and strategies to address it in your organisation.

Rabbi Rabin addressed getting participation of women in leadership roles in Orthodox Synagogues. He will discuss examples of challenges faced in the process, so others can learn from his approach and experience to better lead and implement gender equality in their own organisations.

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