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December 23, 2020 8:45 AM | Anonymous

NCJWA Vic is disappointed to learn that the only female member of the Mizrachi Executive has not been re-coopted to the Executive.

Mizrachi was one of the early signatories to our Gender Equality Pledge (the Pledge), which amongst its founding principles dictates that all members of our community are to be treated with dignity, respect and fairness.  We lament the recent loss of the only woman from their Executive, which now comprises solely of men. The Mizrachi Executives’ conduct demonstrates disregard for its commitment to more equitable female participation and to actively pursue a culture of respect for women. 

We call on Mizrachi and all Jewish communal organisations to increase the participation of women on their boards and take positive steps toward realising goals of more female voices around decision making tables, not less female voices. In a recent letter to the Mizrachi community, the Mizrachi Executive noted that its "gender balance is consistent with its obligations under the Gender Equality Pledge”. This position suggests a disregard for the spirit and intent of the Pledge. It is unclear how an Executive, which consists of men only, considers itself aligned with obligations to pursue more equitable female participation. We hope that during future elections and cooption processes, Mizrachi honours its pledge to increase female participation at all decision making levels of the organisation.

Through the #makespaceforher campaign, NCJWA Vic is dedicated to ensuring women’s voices and skills are elevated. We will continue working with pledge taking organisations, calling for transparency and accountability in honouring the pledge and providing education and resources that ensure all pledge takers adopt best practice in the pursuit of gender equality. Our society, our community and our organisations benefit when the aspirations and voices of women and girls are equally respected, valued and heard.

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