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Advancing the Role of Women in Society

February 19, 2021 8:49 AM | Anonymous

The Bayside Baha’i Community recently hosted an event and discussion entitled “Advancing the Role of Women in Society”. Various community groups were invited to contribute to the conversation, including NCJWA Vic. Representing our organisation was Debbie Strauch, Honorary Life Member and Immediate Past Vice-President.

“The discussion focussed on the organisations’ programs, support for women and families in these communities, Gender Equality, developing female mentors and leaders within each cultural group, and the preservation of culture and heritage” said Debbie.

Other organisations and communities represented included Wizo, the VCA (Vietnamese Community in Australia), the TARA Institute (representing the Tibetan Buddhist community), as well as the Lebanese community.

NCJWA Vic is honoured to be part of social cohesion initiatives, promoting Gender Equality and advancing women in our society.

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