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New Look For A New Decade

19 March 2020 9:48 AM | Anonymous

We have been working on a new look for NCJWA VIC for several months and we are proud to unveil our new branding today.

An enormous amount of thought has been put into this project to ensure that we retain the heritage and the soul of the organisation whilst bringing it into the 2020’s. We believe this is a significant step forward for us and positions the organisation for the future. We had planned to introduce this new look to you with much fanfare. However, in the current situation we simply wish to share it with you.

Our rebranding project has 3 key objectives.

  • 1.       Evolution Rather Than Revolution

NCJWA Vic has a proud history of over 90 years. From small beginnings, the organisation has grown and developed over the years. Given its rich history, it’s absolutely critical that we never forget where the organisation came from and the fabulous things that many inspiring women have achieved. That is why we approached this project as an evolution rather than a revolution.

At the same time, we had to look forward to the future and how we wanted the community to perceive us. We needed to ensure that we stayed relevant and meaningful in a changing environment. This included appealing to younger women and being an organisation that they wanted to engage with and be a part of.

  • 2.       Family Connection

 As the organisation has grown, several programs and events have been added to the portfolio. Each has their own logo but, unfortunately, no obvious connection to the NCJWA Vic. Our current branding has no cohesion. There’s no unifying look or feel. We wanted to create a suite of logos that had a very obvious connection to each other. Our goal was to create a family of brands that look like they belong together but work equally well as individuals.

  • 3.       Unique Brand Identity

It was important that we developed a unique appearance for the organisation. There are many, many community groups in Victoria and it was very important that we created branding that was easily recognisable and distinguished us from all the other organisations both inside and outside the Jewish community where we operate.

Below you can see our parent logo for the NCJWA Vic together with the suite of logos that make up our programs, signature events and fundraising activities. The parent logo is simple, strong and contemporary and there is an obvious family feel across the entire range of logos. This new branding will be gradually introduced over the next few months.

We’re very excited about the new branding. It gives us a strong, professional and contemporary presence and ensures longevity for a brand with a rich history.

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