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There are so many firsts for mothers. Is this another first for you?

08 May 2020 12:34 PM | Anonymous

No matter how we have felt about Mother's Day in the past, this one is sure to be one out of the box! Most of us are not able to be with our mothers, our children or our grandchildren.

Parenting in this time of COVID-19 is certainly an equaliser for mothers with children of all ages, but for mothers of new babies there may be other unexpected challenges!

What does this coming Mother's Day mean to you? For some it may bring emotions of tenderness and warm fuzzies towards your own mother, for others, it may rekindle feelings of grief or sadness, or even resentment. Thinking about our own mothers and the legacies they have passed on to us, is indeed very unique and personal.

What legacy do you want to pass on to your own child? What are the values that you have in regard to being a mother? Who are your role models? Think of today as a wonderful opportunity to start developing your own family rituals and to truly think about those women in your life who have had a positive influence on you. Think about whether someone in your life is viewing you as a positive influence!

We know how challenging being a new (and not so new) mum is and would love to hear about what being a mother means to you, about the rituals that you will put in place on your Mother’s day and the kind of legacy you are building for your child. Motherhood is a journey and we have choices all along the way in which we can alter our direction.

We, at Caring Mums, are proud to be sharing in your journey.

Thinking of all of you,

Michelle Kornberg, Caring Mums Coordinator

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