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Gender Equality Webinar: Tips, Hurdles and Successes – Deep Dive

November 10, 2020 10:27 AM | Anonymous

“In order to enable gender equality change, we require support at the most senior level of the organisation. There is also a need to review every practice, policy and process that the organisation has through a gendered lens” said Lee-anne Chapman (Group Manager, Uniting) at our recent Gender Equality Webinar: Tips, Hurdles and Successes – Deep Dive.

During the webinar, hosted by CEO Alexandra Silver, Lee-anne reflected on the potential organisational challenges in order to achieve gender equality in the workplace. One of those challenges is enabling flexible working arrangements. “Even in 2020, there is a constant reaction about roles being part time rather than full time at leadership levels” she noted.  

“There is so much more work to be done in the gender equality space” said Rabbi Daniel Rabin (South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation) at the webinar and added “when we think about gender equality in synagogues or in religious organisations, each congregation has its own set of values. And whatever the approach is - it has to be genuine, with empathy and respect to others. Regardless of which way you are inclined in terms of religious observant, there is no excuse to use it as a mechanism or means to try to discriminate anybody – on the basis of gender or orientation”.

Rabbi Rabin addressed a number of aspects on how to achieve gender equality in the orthodox arena. “In my view, every congregation needs to have female representatives – with vision and leadership abilities” said Rabbi Rabin. He explained that women can and should have a strong presence in congregations (i.e. on boards and events). The role of the Rebbetzin is certainly one of leadership. 

If you missed the webinar (or you would like to watch it again or share it) the recording of the webinar is now available on our YouTube channel.

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