Ioury Kossovsky

Everyone had their own war

Arkadi Stolin

Warrior and Teacher by the Grace of The Lord

   Michael Belkin

   For the Triumph of Life   

Isaac Budovvski


Boris Genikhovich

   Let the Guns Go Silent    

Jacob Monin

In War Everything Seems Simple. The Secret of...

Zigmund Moss

Who Is He?

Zalman Plotke

The War-Liberation or Occupation?

Sofia Patent

The Photograph on the Wall

Matvei Kouchnitski

My journey from Tiraspol to Melbourne

Toyva Levit

There are Different Destinies in a War

Piotr Kravchenko

The story of Piotr Kravchenko, a Russian World War 2 veteran

Rudolf Khaikin

My Lifelong Monologue About The War

Lev Vaynshenker

A True Story
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