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No woman should feel alone as she travels on her journey through motherhood. Whether it’s your first baby or your fourth, Caring Mums is here to give you emotional support and reassurance during this time of change. 

About Caring Mums

Caring Mums is a free, confidential and non-judgemental program for new and expecting mums which has won many awards

It fills a need for women who may be seeking emotional support or connection, whether you’re entering motherhood for the first time or you already have children.

With a trained volunteer by your side – who is an experienced mother herself – you will have the support you need during this exciting and challenging time. 

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How our program works

You will be paired with a trained volunteer (your ‘Caring Mum’) who will visit you weekly. She is there to:

Through this connection, we have found that mothers often:

Do you want to volunteer as a Caring Mum?

Do you remember feeling overwhelmed or isolated when you became a mum? Would you have benefited from some emotional support and reassurance? If so, consider becoming a Caring Mums volunteer. You’ll experience the fulfilment of supporting a mother as she builds confidence in her new role. 

You’ll receive 20 hours of in-depth professional training upfront. Ongoing, you’ll also attend fortnightly professional development sessions with a facilitator and other Caring Mums.

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In the news

Caring Mums has achieved so much since its inception. 

If you feel alone, our Caring Mum's program can provide emotional support.

Caring Mums ™

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I am an expecting or new mum

Caring Mums is open to you if you:

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I am a health professional who would like to refer a mum

Do you know an expecting or new mum who would benefit from some added emotional support? We’ll pair her with a Caring Mum to help her feel more connected and confident.

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I want to volunteer as a Caring Mum

Thank you for wanting to make a difference to the lives of other mothers. Caring Mums welcomes volunteers who:  

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I have a question

If you’d like more information, we’re happy to answer any questions that you might have.
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