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About Us

About Us

NCJWA Vic is a vibrant, strong and independent women’s organisation dedicated to furthering the status of women in both the Jewish and broader communities. We do this through a range of innovative activities.

Established in Victoria in 1927, by Dr Fanny Reading, the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia Victoria (NCJWA Vic) is a grassroots, membership organisation that serves the community.

What makes us unique and effective is that we bring together women across the generations and from across the community to advance our vision. We also partner with other organisations locally, nationally and globally, to give voice to our common causes.

How we make a positive and lasting impact

NCJWA Vic focuses specifically on empowering and enriching women’s lives. We build self-esteem, confidence, connection and life skills as well as provide emotional support and reassurance at critical junctions in women’s lives.  
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Our range of activities:

Our Organisational Structure

NCJWA Vic comprises three entities that together enable us to operate effectively in the delivery of positive outcomes to the community. Each entity was established for a specific purpose.

National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (Victoria) Inc
works to improve the social conditions and status of women in the Jewish and broader communities, promote social cohesion, human rights and support Israel. (ABN 64175250762)

National Council of Jewish Women (Victoria) Community Services Inc
is a public benevolent institution working to support vulnerable women through specific programs and services to disadvantaged members of the community. (ABN 76474321252)

National Council of Jewish Women (Victoria) The Social Support Trust
promotes the health and well-being of Australian women and girls through the provision of outreach, education and support programs. (ABN 41771835817)



Every woman has the opportunity to reach her full potential.


  Within the Jewish and wider community, we: