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Make Space For Her

We’ve come a long way with gender equality. But we’ve still got a way to go. The NCJWA Vic #MakeSpaceForHer campaign aims to ensure women are represented equally in leadership positions – on Boards, panels and as speakers – within the Jewish community. 

It’s time to talk about gender inequality

We need to have the conversation. At home. At work. And in the community. 

Women and girls make up more than 50% of the Jewish community. But their voices are still often absent in countless professional, political and social settings. 

To achieve true equality, women must be given equal access to rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of gender. Our aim is to achieve broadly equitable opportunities for women and men, not necessarily exactly the same outcomes for all. 

Our #MakeSpaceForHer campaign aims to raise awareness and spark conversation around the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles in the Jewish community. 

By doing so, we can begin to shift attitudes and behaviours. And from there, we can truly make a change. 

What are the benefits of gender equality?

The #MakeSpaceForHer campaign is designed to encourage and support organisations to realise their aspirations to improve gender equality within their organisations. Gender Equality benefits an organisation by increasing diversity, resilience, innovation and productivity.

Gender equality in organisations is empirically linked to improved:

While the #MakeSpaceForHer campaign encourages women to speak up, speak out and submit to publications, we also expect organisations to seek out women of merit to comment and participate.

Our Gender Equality Pledge

The first stage in the #MakeSpaceForHer campaign is our Gender Equality Pledge. We encourage and expect pledge taking organisations to improve gender equality and to take responsibility to ensure Jewish women in Victoria are equally represented in leadership positions and participate equally in community events.


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