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Gender Equality

Gender Equality Pledge

XXX acknowledges the following Gender Equality Principles:

a.    All members of our Jewish and broader community have the right to live in a safe and equitable society, with equal access to opportunities representation and resources, and to be treated with dignity, respect and fairness. 

b.    Women and girls are a significantly underutilised resource and only with the achievement of gender equality can a country, community or organisation achieve its full potential. 

Women must be given the same rights and opportunities enjoyed by men across all sectors of society, including communal leadership, decision making and participation. 

c.    The aspirations, needs and voices of women and girls need to be equally respected and valued. 

In pursuit of the Gender Equality Principles outlined above, XXX pledge to:

1.    Embrace gender equality as an important value within our organisation; 

2.    Actively pursue a culture of respect for women;
3.    Annually review the number of women participating at board and management levels, with a commitment towards more equitable female participation;

4.    Adopt specific policies regarding gender equality, including:

o    board and management composition and recruitment.
o    representation on panels, and at events, conferences and workshops.