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Creating a Village
May 2022

Caring Mums is back in full swing with 16 new volunteers having completed our training, and one new volunteer supervisor on board.

We welcome Dr Mary Buttigieg as our newest volunteer supervisor. Mary has extensive experience working with women, mental health, relationships and being involved with supervision. 

Mary has an MBBS [Honours Medicine] from Melbourne University, a Master of General Practice Psychiatry [clinical] from Monash University, and a Diploma of Family Therapy from the Alma Family Therapy Centre. But her most admirable qualification is being a grandmother.

Her qualifications, background, interests, and compassion make her a perfect fit for our Caring Mums program. She will certainly complement the existing areas of expertise our current supervisors have, and we look forward to all of us learning from her.

National Volunteers Week and our Volunteer Appreciation Day is just around the corner. We want to highlight that not only do we have 70 plus volunteers emotionally supporting mums, but we also have six volunteer professional supervisors supporting our volunteers seeing mums; enabling us to provide a high standard of professional, fortnightly mentorship. We want to thank all our current and past volunteers for their time, dedication, commitment, and passion as we head into our 10th year of operation.

We are so incredibly grateful to all our volunteers as their input is what creates the village that all mothers need. 

We also want to acknowledge those people who support Caring Mums in kind:


KOGO – Knit One Give One, who supply us with hand knitted blankets, beanies, scarves, and baby cardigans to give to those mums who need some extra ‘love’.  They spread the warmth of their volunteers through their beautiful hand knitted items.

Life and mind logo

Christine Connell, from Life and Mind Massage, volunteers a few hours a week to those mums in our program who need a professional massage with some very special TLC. 
“When you are with me, the massage I create is what you need in the moment. We chat, I listen to your words, I notice your body language, I feel your energy and then we begin. Your massage is unique.” (Chrissy Connell)

Delicate Days logo

Lee-Anne Mills from Delicate Days, offers our mums her service of decluttering – making a small space seem large! Lee-Anne and her magical team sort, organize, and make life so much easier for those mums who are feeling overwhelmed, depleted and in need of this very special assistance. They know how to be invisible and how to get an insight into what the mum needs.

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