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August 2021

NCJWA Vic commends Mizrachi for participating with forum facilitators to deliver a report on, amongst other things, female participation within the organisation. We encourage Mizrachi to heed the feedback and strive for greater diversity at a leadership level. NCJWA Vic is determined to support Gender Equality pledge takers, including Mizrachi, to improve their organisational culture and governance so that all members of our community feel welcome to participate in decision making forums and have their contributions and skills respected.

Our #MakeSpaceForHer campaign supports organisations with resources and education and in the next phase of our campaign we will be developing a database of women speakers and eligible board members. It is intended that this database will be made available to community organisations who are seeking to attract and engage women leaders, speakers and advisors.

There is great potential all around us. We need to work together to encourage and elevate the many amazing women in our community who have skill, talent and offer broader perspectives which will enrich our Jewish community.

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