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Caring Mums Rain Hail or Shine
July 2022

After a short winter hibernation, our Caring Mums program is back in action. The Melbourne chill and rain has not stopped our supervision catch-ups and our campaign to raise program awareness.

We have been busy meeting with local Maternal Child and Health Nurses, Mother/Baby units and other perinatal health professionals in order to raise their awareness about the service we offer and to discuss the positive impact of the Caring Mums program.

The feedback from our referrers has been overwhelmingly positive and they have showered us with anecdotes about the wonderful impact our volunteers have had on their mums. We are incredibly honoured to be able to offer this service in the wider community.

Receiving positive feedback is reassuring and reaffirms the need for Caring Mums in the community. Pivotal to the program are our volunteers. In a period of change and uncertainty, our volunteers consistently provide support and validation to new mums who are trying to navigate their own unique new world. The weekly catch ups between our volunteers and mums in the program form part of their ‘village’, which is so important to a new mums’ wellbeing. 

We would like to thank all our volunteers for the time and effort they put into emotionally supporting a woman in their transition to motherhood. We also thank all of our volunteer supervisors for supporting our Caring Mums. To those of our volunteers who are away on long-awaited holidays and family reunions, we look forward to your return.

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