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November 2021

What we have learnt is that women are amazingly resilient, creative and caring. We can create ‘the village’ even from a distance!  

We were fortunate to have recently held a special evening for our volunteers that highlighted resilience, creativity and caring. 

Our guest speakers were sisters-in-law who shared their journey of the ultimate gift – that of motherhood.  As Lara Wiser and Raya Sacher spoke about the emotional side of going through surrogacy, we couldn’t help but feel the strong and respectful connection they have for each other.  

We are not going to tell you their story, as we could never do it justice, but what we can tell you is that anything can be achieved and worked through if there is respect for one another.  The respect and love between them was palpable.  More than 30 of us watched these women on Zoom and we felt so connected to them.  We smiled, we cried and felt pride in what they had achieved for each other.   

Women are truly incredible.  Thank you, Lara and Raya, for reinforcing that there is joy in both giving and receiving.  Although life may at times look dark and gloomy, light can be found! We wish you both health and happiness as you continue on your journeys. 

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