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Did you see the Australian Jewish News this week?

July 02, 2019 3:39 PM | Deleted user

There was a report on our campaign: #MakeSpaceForHer.
#MakeSpaceForHer is aimed at ensuring Jewish women in Victoria are equally represented in leadership positions within our community and participate equally in community events. This special issue on women in the community included: front page article on NCJWA Vic’s Gender Equality Pledgean article by Nina Bassat, one of our wise women, discussing the role of women-power in out community; 
an opinion pieceIt’s Time to Actively Seek out Female Leadership by Advocacy Committee member, Keren Zelwer; an article on The Evolution of Our Women’s Organisations by Rebecca Davis; a bio of Governance & Risk Committee member, Lexi Kowal; and Rebecca Davis’ Writing Women into the Past – and the Future – based on her introduction to the 2019 NCJWA Vic Mina Fink Lecture.


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